...And there was light. There was still nothing, but at least we could see it a whole lot better...


Who are the ArcEye duo?

Find out next time :D

    • Delving into the Dark practice weekend
    • Apr 23 10:16AM
    • A practice trip took place over the weekend of 8th-10th of March in preparation for the upcoming Delving into the Dark event organised by the SUI. The trip was a great success and the SUI would like to thank all the volunteers who attended the weekend, special thanks to Alex […]
    • Vision-impaired thrill-seekers sought for Delving into the Dark experience
    • Apr 23 9:42AM
    • Delving Into the Dark application form A unique opportunity is in store for thrill-seekers living with a visual impairment, as Ireland’s national governing body for caving prepares to hold a ‘try-caving’ event in one of the country’s most spectacular underground-exploration regions, the Burren, Co. Clare. The Speleological Union of Ireland […]
    • SUI Fracking Information Document Updated
    • Apr 16 2:23PM
    • The SUI documentation on Fracking has been updated to consider the negative consequences of using non-renewable fossil fuels on the environment as part of the Fracking process. The updated documentation can be read below. https://caving.ie/publications/fracking-information/ All public SUI documents can be read under the Publications section. https://caving.ie/publications/
    • SUI Awarded GSI Geopark Funding
    • Apr 3 2:40PM
    • The SUI is proud to announce that we have been awarded funding to assist in conservation and development of caving areas from the GSI. We would like to thank Matthew Parkes (SUI Librarian) for attending the GSI Awards at the Geopark Forum 2019, to accept the award on behalf of […]
    • Passing of Nicky Johnson of Aillwee Cave
    • Feb 21 9:20PM
    • Nicky Johnson of Aillwee Cave Visitor Centre and long time member of SUI passed away on Tuesday following a short illness. Nicky was well known to cavers all over Ireland and further afield and will be greatly missed. A funeral service will be held on on Friday February 22 at […]